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Frank & Partners

Marketing & Business Consulting

Our Mission

We believe there is potential in every business – more than you might think or even expect. Thus, we made it our mission to help you discover and unlock the full potential of yours.


We offer personal and affordable services that will help you turn your marketing and business into a lasting success.

  • Consulting

    Make better decisions with answers to the questions that matter most, insights that guide strategic planning and a partner who deeply cares about the impact of marketing and business.learn more

  • Development

    Beautiful, unique and insight-driven concepts, designs and campaigns for products and services – apps and websites, too – that satisfy customers' needs and maximize profits.learn more

  • Branding

    Creating, maintaining and protecting valuable brands, assets and intellectual property rights is key to successful marketing and business, and a healthy reputation.learn more

Insights Dashboard

Our custom solution provides you all insights for your marketing and business in one place.


As leading experts in our fields, we actively engage in research that moves consumers, businesses, and the world.

  • AI Artificial Intelligence

    A human-centered approach that addresses the safe and responsible development, implementation and use of ethical and trustworthy artificial intelligence technologies. learn more

  • Expertise

    Publications, seminars and conferences – sharing insights and always staying on the forefront of consumer behavior, decision-making (biases) and innovation adoption research.learn more

  • Resources

    Development and maintenance of resources – such as codes – that help researchers and practitioners achieve great things more easily.learn more

Our Values

We hold ourselves to high standards – as do our core values.

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